Riverside (Small Town)

Population: @ 1,000 adults
Races: Human (91%), halfing (5%), half-elf (2%), >2% other races (gnome, dwarf, half-orc)
Known Notable Individuals: Lysander, Kendra Ironwolf, Alexi Ivanov (miller), Town Council (members unknown)

Ambiance: The town of Riverside lies in a forest clearing a few miles across. Fields of grain and groves of fruit trees dot the countryside. A meandering river with a modestly fast current, known locally as The Westway, makes a broad loop that surrounds the settlement on three sides, while a millrun cuts across the eastern edge of the town, effectively making Riverside an island. Two low stone bridges span the Westway north and south of town. Riverside hasn’t suffered any sort of organized attack that the locals can remember, but, in theory, the bridges can be barricaded in such a circumstance and, combined with the natural obstacle of the river makes it somewhat defensible.

Within the town, all seems relatively neat and tidy, if a bit worn. Most buildings are constructed of local hardwoods but a few are at least partially stone and glass windows are common. The paint on some doors and shutters have faded somewhat, but none are outright peeling. The slate used for most roofs has been bleached by long exposure to the sun and there are occasional instances where wooden shingles have replaced the stone.

The most impressive structures in town are a large in, The Sylvan Glade by name, the town barracks and jail (made entirely of stone with iron shutters that can be closed from the inside), the town hall (only the foundation is stone but it is one of the better-kept buildings) and a modestly-sized but sturdy temple to the goddess Maris.

History: The forest town of Riverside seems just like another sleepy town that has seen better days. A silver mine in the nearby hills played out a few years back, dramatically altering the economic landscape. The inhabitants now primarily make their living logging, farming, or trapping with a handful of folk providing service to the modest amount of merchant traffic that passes through given Riverside’s location on the Great West Road (which, to be fair, is much more of a path, but it is usually well maintained by the nearby towns that depend on the regular commerce and Great West Road sounds more impressive than Great West Path.).

While the town owes fealty to Baron Hendriks, his involvement in town affairs is limited to providing the town with a Captain for the militia and providing a small stipend for the militia guards, many of whom are local volunteers. The town’s miller is the only other baronial officer, and that designation is mainly so the miller can directly collect the very modest tax the baron has set on grain ground at the mill.

Riverside (Small Town)

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