Priest of Maris


Lysander is the local priest of Maris in the town of Riverside, a position he’s held for the past two years.

Thin and bespectacled, Lysander is a less-than-imposing figure, especially in his plain, homespun brown robe. The only item of his that stands out as more than the most practical of it’s kind is his holy symbols, a circular medallion of polished auburn wood with an inlaid symbol, a silver stalk of grain. The simple wooden shield he carries when necessary mirror the pattern but is made of a much more practical ironwood and the stalk is painted. A very plain if sturdy mace completes his fighting “gear” as Lysander owns no armor.

Though not very strong or physically imposing Lysander has won over many in the community with his willingness to put in hard work alongside them and a stamina many of the townsfolk are challenged to match (Con15). His diplomatic skills are highly valued in the community, with many of the locals actively seeking his counsel on a range of matters, and his position amongst the town elders is rarely questioned despite his relatively young age.

Anyone spending even a short amount of time with him can see that the young priest is earnest to a fault and clearly wants nothing more than to be helpful where, when, and however he can. Few can recall having ever seen him become cross, let alone angry.

Lysander is a bit shy, especially around those with more imposing personalities, and his efforts to be deferential can border on annoying, as does his tendency to become overly chatty when he’s nervous.



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