Kendra Ironwolf


Kendra Ironwolf is the current Interim Captain of the Militia for the town of Riverside. Having spent several years on the frontier as both a scout and a garrison soldier, Kendra returned to the more subdued interior of the Duskwood to help provide a stable home for her younger brother after her mother passed on.

Kendra is young and fit, being slightly taller (5’ 9”) and stockier than the average local women. Her dusky skin hints at some Southern blood in her heritage and sets her apart as exotic to many with a paler, Northern ancestry, much to her annoyance. She keeps her cut short in a very practical, military cut and never wears makeup or adornments that would highlight her femininity.

Kendra is an accomplished scout and tracker, having worked as a bounty hunter over the years. She has shrewd observation skills and a skeptical nature. She is also blunt, to the point of being rude in some situations. She has little use for inherited titles, which has caused her some difficulty in the past.

Kendra is very much devoted to her duty and a woman of her word. She expects others to uphold theirs but has become somewhat jaded given her experience with other people so far. She is not such a stickler for rules and regulations that she’s inflexible, but she appreciates things being done properly.

Aside from her unusual skin tone, one of Kendra’s most striking features is her piercing brown eyes. She has suits of both chain and studded leather, which she’ll wear based on the task before her. Unusual for a ranger, she fights with a shield in her off hand. She is an excellent shot with her shortbow.

Kendra Ironwolf

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