Shadows In The Duskwood

Adventure 3


The heroes find the guard captain in the bears hide out, but decide that since the bandits dont seem to be luring the bear anymore it doesnt make sense to wait for them to appear again.

Investigating the bear’s lair reveals the remains of the guard captain, identified by the golden locket and insignia. We bring the guard captains remains back to town to give to Kendra.

Lysander is there, reporting that he was attacked the last night by someone who said they had information about the chalice and would give it to him in exchange for 100 gold.

We provide the 100 gold and leave it at the drop location, a ruined cottage. A few hours pass while Elisar keeps watch, aiming to track whoever picks up the money and leaves the information. Unfortunately no one shows their face. Five hours later the money is gone and a scroll is in its place.

Confused, Elisar searches the house and finds no trace of secret doors or other hiding places where someone could hide. There are also no tracks leading from the house that don’t belong to us.

We read the note, which seems to lead to a bandit hideout north of town. We make our way there, with Elisar scouting ahead and looking for the bandits.

Nampoodle “Nim” finds Elisar in the woods as he is scouting. Nampoodle is moving a large rock, evidently as part of a ritual.After a considerable amount of confusion, Elisar assists him.

Afterwards, the heroes are invited back to Nim’s berry patch for tea. Elisar returns to the others and shows them the way to the berry patch. We have tea and meet Bangle, is Nim’s large badger friend. In exchange for helping move the rock, Nim agrees to help us find the bandits.



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