Shadows In The Duskwood

Adventure 2

Bears and druids and bears, oh my

The adventurers head to one of the campsites and look around to find bear tracks. Nikki notices that the bear’s right front leg has either some sort of deformation or injury, causing it to walk with a limp. Furthermore the last two claws on that same foot seem to be broken.

Strangely, the bear seems to be taking the path to enter and leave the clearing. Which does not suggest it is a natural born bear. Ellisar guesses that there are druids at work here.

There is blood on the bedroll, but there isn’t a particular sign of struggle.

We visit the location of the most recent bear attack and see similar signs of druid involvement. Rhangyl notices a small piece of meat in a boot print. and also a smaller set of animal tracks. Also found is the fact that the tracks lead west out of camp, just like at the other camp sites.

Back into town they go to speak to Kendra, to ask if she knows of any druids in town. She speaks of one who lives north of town.

Of note is the fact that its the 4th of April.

The party goes to speak to the owl, who confirms that there is a bear in the area. Last time the owl saw it it was uninjured. It did not witness the attack that took place two nights ago.

Once again at loose ends, the elves head to the west of town to perhaps find any evil doers walking about the woods. After finding no one in the woods, we return to camp and sleep through the night, which is uneventful.

Without any obvious path, the heroes begin the next morning by travelling north to find the Druid, Old Gray Wolf.

As we travel north to find him, we pass a number of woodcutters, who when asked do not know where any bears might be although this is the right terrain for it.

We have no luck finding the druid after some searching. However Ellisar speaks to a deer and confirms that the Druid seems to be a kindhearted fellow. Perhaps not the type to get involved in murder late at night.

Being back at square one, the group investigates the other camp sites and find information consistent to that already discovered- bear tracks following the path even when its not the most direct route, and more tracks than people attacked at each campsite.

Nikki makes a good point, there aren’t attacks all the time. Attacks come about once every two weeks, since the last attack was 4 days ago, we might have more than a week to wait before the next attack comes.

After investigating the meat Ellisar is able to discern that it came from a Cow or goat- some sort of domesticated animal.

Nikki has the fantastic idea that the bear isn’t involved in attacks. Maybe he is being lured to each campsite to hide the true goings on there.

The group decides to make a bear lure and try to lure the bear there to talk to it. Bear luring commences.

After finding the bear we begin talking to it and find out that about 6 months ago there was a fight and the bear killed the offending humans. Rhangyl alleviates some of the bear’s discomfort.

The bear reports that every so often there is a trail of meat that begins at its cave and leads into the wood.

The party agrees to wait at the bears hideout and perhaps ambush humans who might show up to lead it away.



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